Our Process

Our Process

Lead Discovery

The lead discovery period is a time where we get a better understanding of the project in hand. We typically ask for a project requirement document, get access to review code and setup a meeting to discuss details that will help with project Estimate.

Project Estimate

After we get a better understanding of the project, we put together a statement of the Proof of concept, project requirement and cost involved.

Kick off meeting

After the estimate phase, we have an in-depth overview meeting of project we are going to build. In this step, we go over our strategy and timelines as well as we finalize any changes before the development begins.


This is the step where rightEXE magic happens, where we take your ideas and turns it into reality. During this phase we are heads down in code and will keep you updated on our progress as we hit milestones. If this is an ongoing monthly project, we keep you updated with standup meetings, monthly to hourly breakdown reports.

Quality Assurance

This phase is solely dedicated to quality assurance and testing that the product is running smooth.

Review Phase

After fully building the complete product, before going live, we will send a review product for review by client. This phase is for making any minor changes or fixing any other bugs in product.


After approval we move from development phase to production phase